Tuesday, July 5, 2011


 Paladai is a very thin crepe made out of rice. This looks similar to the skin of milk.That's where it derived its name from.This is a very popular dish among the muslim population of kanyakumari district.This can be served with any gravy, but I prefer it with nonvegetarian gravy. I want my vegetarian friends to try and enjoy this dish at home; so I omitted the egg when I made it today. But the traditional recipe has egg in it.

1 cup Basmati rice, washed and soaked in hot tap water for half an hour
1/2  cup thick coconut milk
1 egg (I omitted this today, but the traditional recipe calls for it)
salt to taste


Grind the rice to a very fine batter (along with egg if you are adding one). Add coconut milk and salt.The batter should be very thin (the consistency of buttermilk). The batter does not need to be fermented. It should be made right away.

Heat a non stick frying pan, pour a ladle of batter and swirl it all around to thinly coat the edges and the middle of the pan. It will take only a minute to cook. Loosen the edges,lift the crepe off the pan and place it face down on a plate, smear a drop of ghee on the crepe and fold it into half and fold it again. It will look like a folded napkin. Serve this with thick chicken or mutton gravy. For vegetarians you can serve it with  spicy potato or mushroom gravy.


  1. Thk u for posting this recipe I have been looking for this for a long time

  2. Great Great...One of my neighbour muslim aunty prepares this very well..AS u said, its Nanjil naaatu muslim's receipe...Its tastes good with thick mutton gravy

  3. Thanx Meena and Sunil for your comments

  4. Thank you veryy much..i ve been searching for this a long time...